What is an Underwear Fetish?

Underwear fetish is a type of sexual preoccupation with undergarments such as panties, bras, and stockings. People may have a particular attraction to a specific item of clothing, such as a pair of underwear, or they may be interested in a variety of undergarments. Whether a person is drawn to panties or other types of underwear, the excitement they derive from these items is incredibly strong.

Some men collect panties and enjoy the smell of another person’s panty. Others watch tennis matches and get a high from a woman wearing short skirts. In some cases, a panty fetish is not a serious sexual obsession. A man who enjoys this fetish may wear his partner’s underwear to a sexy party, or even wear it himself.

There are many different types of underwear fetish. Some people prefer baby doll dresses and suspenders, while others may have a penchant for silk, satin, or lace underwear. Regardless of the type of panty fetish a man may have, it’s an interesting and unique experience. Ultimately, it’s all about fulfilling the desire to experience the sensation of a panty in a way that no other person is willing to do.

There are many types of panty fetish. One type involves the enjoyment of the sensation and smell of a woman’s panty. Women who are sexy enough to wear a panty in public are also considered ‘panty fetishists’. A woman may not choose to wear a panty in public. But for those who do, it’s not a taboo.

What is an Underwear Fetish?
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