Developing a Spanking Fetish

Many people are curious about the spanking fetish. They are often afraid of being judged by others, but they are also aware that it can hurt children. They have no idea that it’s also a dangerous practice. Pornography can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness of child sexual abuse, but there are many things to consider before you start a spanking mania. These include the risks of pregnancy and STIs.

Whether you were spanked as a child or not, there are many different reasons for a spanking fetish. Perhaps you were spanked as a child. Or perhaps you were abused. Either way, your fetish can be a natural response to physical punishment. You may have never been told it was a bad thing. As a child, you might have felt that you were the only person in the world with this fantasy. Thankfully, you can have a spanking phobia and still have an enjoyable sexual life.

Spanking is a common bonding activity. According to a survey conducted by Lovehoney, 75% of women and 66% of men have a fetish for being spanked. Traditionally, spanking was thought of as a childhood punishment and was only discussed when children were involved. The stigma has since lifted, and today, you can find countless couples on the internet who enjoy sassy, hands-on bonding.

If you are interested in developing a spanking fetish with your partner, don’t shame them for their desire to experience the same thing. You can also be honest with your partner about your fetish, and ensure that your relationship doesn’t fall apart. Remember, you may have very different turn-ons, so a thorough discussion is very important. In short, don’t be afraid to explore your desires with your lover.

There are several reasons why people enjoy being spanked. The underlying motivations could range from a need to humiliate another person to dominance. The spanking fetish is often a combination of these motives. While a spanking kink fetish is a common type of kink, it can be a form of paraphilia. If you have a kink fetish, you will probably want to experience it with a partner.

Developing a Spanking Fetish
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