Be Prepared for an Epic High Class Strip Club Brisbane Experience

It’s almost the weekend and you’re filled with excitement—you and the mates are scheduled to have an epic high class strip club Brisbane city experience! You can’t wait to be surrounded by gorgeous babes in those sexy outfits and perhaps even get a lap dance from the hottest stripper in the club.

Now, make sure that the lovely dancers are going to be excited to see you too. Strip joints may be places to get wild and let loose, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to look decent and can just forget how to act like a gentleman.

Here’s how to make sure the strippers won’t be avoiding you at all costs.

Don’t forget your Hygiene

It may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised at the stories dancers share about club guests with horrible bad breath or body odour. If you don’t want to earn the nickname “Puff the Magic Dragon,” make sure to clean and groom yourself before heading out to get some action.

The simple steps of taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and putting on clean clothes will go a long way.

Know the Dress Code

Some high class strip club Brisbane establishments have very strict policies on the type of attire allowed. These places usually do not allow flip-flops, open-toed footwear, jerseys, shorts, t-shirts, sportswear, and exercise clothes.

There are strip joints where the dress code is a lot more casual. However, it’s best to check the rules of the various local clubs you’re planning to visit.

Generally, a nice button-up or button-down shirt, a decent pair of slacks, and dress shoes are acceptable attire in most establishments. These are also your safest choice. Not to mention, you’ll be looking quite dapper and the strippers do appreciate a fine-looking fellow.

Empty Your Pockets…

Don’t ruin a dancer’s and your night by accidentally cutting her groin or crotch area because you had your keys or something sharp in your pocket. Make sure you empty out your pant pockets before getting your lap dance, and that means taking out your phone too. Not only will it make it safer for you, the stripper, and your phone, it will also save you from accidentally booty dialling your boss.

…But Fill up Your Wallet

When you are at a high class strip club Brisbane has to offer, you can expect an epic night with beautiful ladies and talented dancers. And since you’re expecting to have an amazing time, you should also expect to spend plenty for great entertainment and service.

Make sure you have enough cash for tipping and for paying for drinks, food, a lap dance, as well as a taxi to get you safely home. Some clubs accept credit cards, but you will still need cash to give tips.

Now that you’re all set to have an epic night out, all that’s left is to book a table or a private booth at the top clubs in Brisbane such as the OMFG Adult Lounge.  


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