4 Mistakes to Get Yourself Kicked Out of a Strip Club

When it comes to adult entertainment in Brisbane, strip clubs are on top of most people’s list. After all, nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by scantily clad women willing to give you the best night of your life, right?

If you’re a virgin when it comes to getting inside a nightclub, you have to take a look at these tips first to ensure you won’t get into any trouble.

Strip Club Mistakes

Not knowing the club’s rules.

When you’re new to any place, it’s practical to ask about their rules. This is especially true for every gentleman’s club.

Just because facilities for adult entertainment in Brisbane seem like the most liberated places on the planet it doesn’t mean there aren’t certain policies that need to be followed. So, learn what is unacceptable behaviour in the establishment. Otherwise, you could get into trouble.

One of the most important rules you need to know when entering a strip club is whether they have a strict no-contact rule, which means that you can’t touch any of the women there. Some clubs allow touching, while others don’t, so better be safe than sorry.

Not asking for prices.

You might be in for a surprise when you find out at the end of the night that you’ve maxed out your credit card or spent all your cash.

If a dancer offers you a private dance, ask them about the price upfront. You should also check the cost of each drink the stripper orders during your private session because these beverages can be quite pricey.

Not putting down your phone during a show.

It could be an insult to the half-naked women on the stage if you keep on using your mobile phone while they’re dancing in front of you. If it’s an important call, walk away from the stage and take your call somewhere else.

It’s also a no-no for most clubs to take pictures of the strippers. Women in adult entertainment in Brisbane don’t really appreciate you taking pictures of them without their knowledge. You could get kicked out by the bouncer if you attempt to do so.

Not tipping the ladies.

Toss a few bucks on the stage for each dancer to let them know that you appreciate what they’re doing. And if you’re paying for a private show, be sure to be a generous tipper. The next time you visit the club, the ladies will definitely be flocking all over you.

Lastly, be respectful of everyone. You’ll thank yourself you were a gentleman at the end of the night because you didn’t get into trouble.

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